Nails - a mirror of our internal health

Nails are a mirror of our inner health. Brittle nails are a common problem for women and are manifested by a rough surface, brittleness and peeling. Under ideal conditions, we receive the necessary nutrition through whole foods. However, if we do not have this option, we can help ourselves with nutritional supplements.

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Hair - the crown of beauty

It would seem that every woman would be thrilled if they had hair like the models in shampoo commercials, which is gorgeous, thick, shining, and healthy. It is essential that we start taking care of our hair from the inside out if we want it to live up to its potential as a crown of beauty.

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Collagen Alpha and skin

Being a woman is a gift. Women have been the muse of artists for millennia. There are endless speculations about what is hidden under the term BEAUTY.

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International Week for Respecting Childbirth

International Week for Respecting Childbirth was first initiated in 2004 by the French organization Alliance française pour l'accouchement respecté (AFAR). In Slovakia, we have several organizations that are dedicated to the improvement of Slovak obstetrics on a daily basis.

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Pregnant and still beautiful

You may know many superstitions about how pregnancy takes away the beauty of mothers. The goal of this article is to reassure you that there is a way to stay beautiful even during pregnancy. The physical demands of pregnancy are enormous. It often manifests itself in changes in the quality of hair, nails and skin.

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Moving toward health

Insufficient physical activity is one of the main risk factors for chronic diseases. Human health greatly benefits from regular activity. It improves musculoskeletal health and correct posture, reduces total cholesterol levels, and aids in raising HDL "good" cholesterol levels, all of which lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, and many forms of cancer.

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Sport and collagen

Exercise is great for overall health and well-being, but it also puts a strain on your body. Every sport, whether we do it recreationally or regularly, has certain demands on our body and health. Only when we are healthy, we can enjoy exercise and activities and achieve better performance.

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Collagen for your muscles

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Imagine them as the Lego pieces needed to regenerate muscle fibers. During digestion, collagen is broken down into amino acids, which the body then distributes to where the protein is most needed.

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World Hepatitis Day

According to experts, liver disease statistics are increasing due to obesity, excessive alcohol consumption, unhealthy diet and a complex set of socio-economic problems.

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What is collagen and what role does it play in our body?

Are you curious about the definition of collagen and how it can benefit you? In this short article, we have covered everything you need to know about collagen. You will learn what collagen is, how it affects our bodies, what uses collagen can help with, and how to take it.

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Auromeda, your partner on life's journey
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