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It would seem that every woman would be thrilled if they had hair like the models in shampoo commercials, which is gorgeous, thick, shining, and healthy. It is essential that we start taking care of our hair from the inside out if we want it to live up to its potential as a crown of beauty.

In each season, they are burdened by specific influences from which we must protect them. In the summer, they are put to the test due to the strong sun with UV radiation and increased sweating. Salty sea water and chlorine in swimming pools also take a toll on your hair. In winter, the cold and sub-zero temperatures lead to dryness, and the hair also suffers due to a lack of vitamin D. Hair, like skin, is a reflection of our mental and physical condition. They need essential nutrients to be strong and resilient. Since a significant part of our hair is made up of proteins, we need to receive them every day. This can ensure specially prepared Collagen Alpha from AUROMEDA.

A small step towards beautiful and healthy hair

It's really simple, just one dose of Collagen Alpha with a great taste of cherries a day, which will provide the hair with everything it needs. Marine collagen is the most bioavailable of all animal sources of collagen. It is broken down into collagen peptides by hydrolysis, which are very easily absorbed by the digestive system. First-class marine collagen peptides with high purity are used in Collagen Alpha.

Can taking collagen really help reduce hair breakage and improve the overall condition of the head skin?

Let's take a closer look at what the research says. Hair is made up of a protein called keratin. Keratin is formed by the process of protein metabolism. Thus, consuming protein-rich foods and supplements can provide our bodies with the building blocks that are the foundation for healthy, strong hair. Collagen is a protein with a high content of amino acids such as proline, glycine and hydroxyproline. Proline is the main component of keratin. In addition to its structural role, collagen also has significant antioxidant properties, which fight against the activity of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are substances that are formed in the body due to various factors such as stress, air pollution, smoking, unhealthy eating habits, alcohol consumption, etc. If present in excess, they can damage our cells, proteins and hair follicles.

Collagen plays a critical role in the health of the dermis layer of our skin. In fact, collagen makes up approximately 70% of the dermis layer of the skin. The dermis layer is the deeper layer of the skin that lies below the outer layer, also called the epidermis. It is responsible for the support and elasticity of the skin. The roots of hair follicles lie in the dermis of our skin, so it makes sense that a healthy, collagen-rich dermis layer boosts hair health. A daily dose of Collagen Alpha from AUROMEDA will not only supply the body with the optimal amount of collagen, but will also support the creation of new collagen.

In addition to high-quality collagen, the composition of Collagen Alpha from AUROMEDA is enriched with a whole range of vitamins and minerals that hair loves. Marine collagen and hyaluronic acid together form an excellent team. Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide that is a natural part of the intercellular mass. It is mainly found in the skin. It accelerates tissue renewal and helps maintain skin elasticity. Therefore, this collagen is a great supplement for scalp health.

Biotin also belongs to the collagen team. It is an essential vitamin, but our body cannotproduce it by itself. We have to supply it to him. Biotin deficiency manifests itself, for example, in hair thinning. Biotin stimulates hair growth and supports the proper transport of oxygen to the hair fibers, thus helping to vitalize and nourish them.

Vitamin C, vitamin B5-pantothenic acid and vitamin E complete the group of vitamins in the Collagen Alpha team. Vitamin C is absolutely necessary for the production of collagen in the body, which is the life-stimulator of hair. In addition, it slows down their aging. In addition, it is involved in protection against sun damage and hydration. Vitamin E plays an important role in epidermal protection against oxidative stress. It's also extremely hydrating - it's both a 'moisturizer' and an 'emollient', so it helps the skin absorb and retain water.

Vitamin B5, also known as calcium pantothenic acid, is a vital vitamin for healthy hair. It helps strengthen and nourish the hair follicle, promotes healthy hair growth and prevents hair loss. In addition, this vitamin is responsible for increasing the water content and elasticity of the hair.

Minerals that benefit the hair

Our body cannot produce zinc, so it needs its supply. At an optimal level, it regulates the balance of hormones and helps prevent hair loss. It takes part in important activities in the hair follicle and accelerates their renewal. Some studies have shown a positive effect of zinc for patients with alopecia. Zinc also ensures that the hair glands around the follicles work properly. Another key helper for hair loss is selenium. It is an essential trace element with significant antioxidant effects. Selenium can make hair stronger, shinier and grow faster.

Nourishing your body from the inside will always be one of the best things you can do for hair health. Even while life isn't perfect, your hair surely can be!

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