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Insufficient physical activity is one of the main risk factors for chronic diseases. Human health greatly benefits from regular activity. It improves musculoskeletal health and correct posture, reduces total cholesterol levels, and aids in raising HDL "good" cholesterol levels, all of which lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, and many forms of cancer. It is certainly worth mentioning that physical activity has a beneficial effect on psychological health and well-being.

How the combination of Collagen Zeta and the Lambda supplement will help you?

A well-rounded movement routine is essential for good health and performance. It is advised to combine aerobic exercises (e.g., running, cycling), strength activities (muscle strengthening), and movement to improve dexterity and mobility. And since collagen is a necessary supplement for your body, all of these actions are beneficial to your health rather than a threat. The health advantages of collagen have been established by several studies in athletes and physically active persons.

What collagen does for your body?

Collagen is a complex protein and makes up about one-third of the protein in the body. The word collagen comes from the Greek word "kólla" which means glue. Strong collagen fibers hold cells in the body together. It can be found in muscle tissue, bones, tendons, blood vessels and cartilage. It also appears in the skin, where it ensures hydration and elasticity. We will mention some of the most important benefits, why we need collagen so much:

  • helps with joint pain and inflammation,
  • improves mobility and reduces joint stiffness,
  • improves joint health by protecting cartilage,
  • supplies the body with building components for the creation of its own collagen,
  • is one of the key substances in bones.

Collagen Zeta

It is specially designed for active people. It is hydrolyzed collagen type II, which is especially recommended for bone and joint diseases. Collagen can only be absorbed as low molecular from 100% pure collagen. Hydrolysis is the process of breaking down collagen into a much more absorbable form.

Collagen Zeta for healthy bones and joints:

  • maintains the strength and structure of the bones,
  • stimulates cartilage growth,
  • reduces bone loss,
  • increases the density of minerals in the bones,
  • helps maintain healthy joints (acts against pain and inflammation),
  • improves mobility.

Collagen Zeta for healthy muscles:

  • improves muscle mass and strength, even in the elderly,
  • supports the effect obtained from exercise,
  • strengthens muscles and muscle tone,
  • helps faster muscle regeneration.

Extracts of turmeric and black pepper

Black pepper contains the essential oil piperine, which has strong antioxidant properties. It helps with pain and inflammation. Turmeric contains curcumin, which has a beneficial effect on blood circulation and joint health.

Vitamin C

Studies have shown that taking collagen with vitamin C, which plays a vital role in the synthesis of collagen in our body, helps maintain healthy cartilage - the tissue that covers the surface of our joints. The combination of collagen with vitamin C protects joints from wear and tear and helps heal bone and tendon grafts.

Food supplement Lambda

The food supplement Lambda has two main active ingredients that support the effect of Collagen Zeta.

Purple mangosteen. It is also called the fruit of the Gods. The extract from this plant has many healing and positive effects. It is one of the largest natural sources of xanthones - antioxidants in the world. Thanks to this, it has a calming effect and fights against joint and muscle pain.

Boswellia serrata. It has a strong analgesic effect - relieves muscle and joint pain. Boswellia serrata essential oil has strong anti-inflammatory effects. It helps with joint pain caused by arthrosis or rheumatoid arthritis.

Adding high-quality hydrolyzed collagen supplements to our diet is one of the most painless and enjoyable ways to promote a long, healthy and vital life.

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