Nails - a mirror of our internal health


Nails are a mirror of our inner health. Brittle nails are a common problem for women and are manifested by a rough surface, brittleness and peeling. Under ideal conditions, we receive the necessary nutrition through whole foods. However, if we do not have this option, we can help ourselves with nutritional supplements.

Collagen in the main role

Collagen is, together with keratin, the primary protein component of the nail bed. Nails need a combination of nutrients to be healthy. The lack of collagen manifests itself in the fact that the nails begin to break, are dry, split and peel off easily. Their growth is slower. However, it is not just an aesthetic problem. Let's not forget that the bad condition of the nails can be a sign that some problem is lurking in our body, so we should not ignore it. For example, white spots on the nails can signal a lack of zinc, while vertical lines can indicate that we need more iron in our diet.

Collagen Alpha by AUROMEDA strenghtens the nail structure. Taking collagen can strengthen nails and promote their growth by preventing brittleness. Collagen contains various amino acids, especially arginine and proline, which are essential for nail growth. The amino acid arginine supplies tissues with nutrients and oxygen. Proline is the main component of keratin in our body, and it is mainly found in nails. Although all types of collagen play an important role in the body, type I is the most prevalent in nails. This type of collagen is also present in more than 90% of the collagen in our body and is very necessary for our nails and hair. If the nail bed is healthy, the nails grow faster, are shinier and will not split.

Collagen, vitamins and minerals = teamwork for our nails

In addition to all essential nutrients and proteins, our nails also need calcium, group B vitamins and zinc. With these helpers, they gain and maintain strength. The daily supply of collagen peptides reduces the brittleness of nails and promotes their growth. From the point of view of nail health, two components of Collagen Alpha play an important role. It is biotin and selenium.

How it works?

Selenium helps our body use the iodine we consume, which is needed for thyroid function. The thyroid gland stimulates growth and development, including hair and nail growth. Biotin and selenium contribute to maintaining not only healthy hair, but also healthy nails. The resulting effect is complemented by zinc. Zinc is a mineral involved in cell growth and protein synthesis. Its deficiency can be reflected on the nails by the formation of white spots. And not only in summer, our nails will appreciate the benefits of pantothenic acid, another component of Collagen Alpha. Pantothenic acid has the ability to penetrate the nails and soften them, providing them with moisture and protection.

Regular nail care will reward you by making your nails healthy and beautiful. Caring needs to start from inside. It's easy, just start the day with a collagen drink with a great taste of cherries - Collagen Alpha by AUROMEDA. In one drink, you will supply your body with all the necessary nutrients for healthy and beautiful nails.

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