Sport and collagen


Do you need collagen if you are healthy and you exercise regularly?

Exercise is great for overall health and well-being, but it also puts a strain on your body. Every sport, whether we do it recreationally or regularly, has certain demands on our body and health. Only when we are healthy, we can enjoy exercise and activities and achieve better performance.

To make movement safe and healthy

Hydration is extremly important during any physical activity, especially in the summer. If you are active in sports, it is necessary to think about it especially during hot days, when there is increased dehydration, sweating and exhaustion of muscle glycogen. It is these factors that significantly reduce your performance during physical activity. Hydration during exercise is important to prevent heat stress, impaired cognitive function, fatigue and reduced performance.

Taking hydrolyzed Collagen Zeta will bring a whole range of other benefits to your body in addition to the necessary hydration.

Collagen, the body's primary protein, is essential for strong bones, muscles, and joints. It improves a lot of processes in the body. Movement is impossible without tendons and ligaments. Muscles and bones are joined by them. Without enough strength, you increase your risk of injury and experience post-workout stiffness and soreness.

Zeta collagen hydrolyzate is collagen obtained from animals and has a similar composition to human cartilage. Cartilage is a connective tissue that serves to flexibly connect bone tissues. Collagen supports and increases cartilage nutrition and leads to restoration of joint function. The human body naturally produces collagen, but this production begins to decline with age, with a reduction occurring as early as age 25. Collagen Zeta will supply the necessary collagen to the body, thereby strengthens most of the important functions of your body. Collagen Zeta in combination with the food supplement Lambda can also help reduce inflammation, promote joint health and reduce overall pain.

What does collagen do for your body during and after a workout?

Collagen Zeta supports performance during the effort while you make a training. It plays an important role in the support and elasticity of connective tissue. Strengthens bones, tendons and ligaments to withstand pressure during stretching and impact.

Collagen is also an excellent source of protein. It contains more protein per calorie than other sources, while also being lower in sodium and sugar.

So if you're struggling with sore joints, sore tendons, low energy, and need longer time to recover, your body probably isn't producing enough collagen.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is found in greater amounts than all other proteins combined. It works properly if taken with vitamin C. Your body naturally feels tired after exercise and needs nutrients for regeneration. Therefore, the choice of collagen in combination with vitamin C is the right choice. In addition to the necessary dose of vitamin C, Collagen Zeta also contains extracts from turmeric and black pepper, which have an analgesic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect.

Collagen Zeta is easily digestible and can be a great helper for your joints, muscles and supply of vitality and energy.

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