What is collagen and what role does it play in our body?


Are you curious about the definition of collagen and how it can benefit you? In this short article, we have covered everything you need to know about collagen. You will learn what collagen is, how it affects our bodies, what uses collagen can help with, and how to take it.

What is collagen?

Collagen is a protein that is one of the most basic structural proteins in our bodies. Its function is to link individual cells in tissues. It is found in a certain proportion almost everywhere in our bodies. It is found in a variety of tissues, including the skin, cartilage, blood vessels, and tendons.

Although collagen is frequently described in a technical and perplexing manner, it is, in essence, a basic protein. It acts as a glue in our bodies. When we have enough collagen, our bodies are healthy, feel good, have plenty of energy, and recover quickly from physical exertion or injury.

Our bodies naturally produce more collagen at the start of life, but its production begins to decline around the age of 25. After the age of 45, the body's natural collagen production is very low. This is the age at which many people begin to experience their first significant health issues, which are frequently associated with a long-term lack of collagen in the body.

Long-term collagen deficiency can cause joint problems, weakened hair health, loss of skin elasticity, brittle nails, and a variety of other issues. Another issue that may arise is long-term fatigue, as the body is not capable of performing as high-quality and rapid regeneration of the organism as it did during periods of higher natural collagen production.

Why take collagen when the body produces it by itself?

You can help your body by taking collagen, and your body will reward you for it. Because the body can only produce smaller amounts of collagen after the age of 25, supplementing it can help your body maintain the pace of life you are used to.

Why limit yourself when you know you can do so much more? Aesthetic changes, such as stronger and healthier hair, stronger nails, and more elastic skin, are among the first symptoms of a collagen treatment. These manifestations, however, are purely aesthetic. The combination of added ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, and other natural ingredients is the main added value of all Auromeda collagens. . Collagen, when combined with other ingredients, can help to prevent unpleasant chronic or subthreshold diseases.

The fact that using any nutritional supplement should result in a higher quality of life guides us. This point of view informs our products, and our goal is to provide you with collagen that will make you glow and charge your life with more energy and better health, so that the aesthetic effects on your body are merely a bonus.

In what form is collagen best absorbed?

Studies show that, in addition to its own collagen, the human body can also use collagens of other origins. 100% marine hydrolyzed collagen from fish proved to be the most absorbable and effective.

Such collagen is best consumed as a powder that is mixed into a drink. As a result, Auromeda collagens are also available as collagen powder. With proper dosage and preparation, it turns into a collagen drink with the exact daily dose of collagen and other vitamins and minerals.

Why the morning collagen drink?

We know that the collagen drink is best for the body to take in the morning and ideally "on an empty stomach" based on the studies, information, and experience we gained while developing Auromeda brand collagens. The body can absorb collagen more efficiently and use it for its intended purpose this way.

So if you want to take collagen with maximum effectiveness, you should include it in your morning routine at the very beginning.

Our clients also liked the idea of mixing their morning collagen dose directly into their morning smoothie. Collagen can be dissolved completely in juice, freshly squeezed juice, or even a smoothie. This combination will save you time while also providing your body with a large amount of necessary nutrients in the morning. We all know that breakfast is the basis of the day, so we should build on it with vitamins and substances that are beneficial to the body.

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