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Collagen Omega 30 x 4,84 g

 Collagen Omega is designed to support and vitalize nerve fibers. It has ingredients suitable for tough times, active people with high workloads, which can be very demanding for the body. That's why we created Collagen Omega, whose unique combination of collagen, vitamins, and minerals supports the proper functioning of the thyroid gland, proper skin elasticity, and helps your body keep pace with all the changes that await you in life. 

  • Premium hydrolyzed marine collagen 
  • Triple dose of folic acid in each serving 
  • Added vitamins B, K2, D 
  • Iodine for proper thyroid function 
  • Premium composition with a raspberry flavor 

 The doypack contains 30 daily doses as small separate sachets. 

About the product

 When creating the Collagen Omega product, we took great care to produce a unique and effective composition that would support the vitality of nerve fibers. Our unique formulation contains vitamin C from the tropical fruit Acerola. We increased the folic acid content to 300% because it's crucial for the body and its proper functioning. We also added the much-needed B group vitamins, vitamin K2, and D for bones and immune system building. 

Collagen Omega is your collagen ritual during demanding days to support a healthy lifestyle 

Premium collagen and great taste!

Our Auromeda collagen range is designed for active people who want to enjoy their lives without limitations. Through our collagens, we offer the real luxury of the 21st century - the opportunity to live your life to the fullest. 

Thanks to the premium French marine collagen, you can feel full of energy every day and enjoy robust health. Your tasty morning ritual with Auromeda collagen will be your gateway to a vital and healthy life. Regular use will help you gain real strength from within, noticeable at a glance 

Collagen Omega for the vitality of nerve fibers.

 Our Collagen Omega is specially designed to help you maintain mental well-being and body regeneration. Indulge in your morning collagen ritual that supports your body during significant changes. We use clinically tested hydrolyzed fish collagen peptides. Hydrolyzed collagen is the most absorbable form of collagen for the human body. Due to its unique composition, Collagen Omega is also suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. 

 Among the added active ingredients are: 

  • Folic acid recommended before planned pregnancy or for pregnant women. 

  • Vitamin B for the normal function of the nervous system and increased energy production. 

  • Iodine for proper thyroid function.

  • Vitamins K2 and D for proper bone growth and building natural immunity. 

With Collagen Omega, you'll support your health and help your body keep pace with significant changes. Collagen Omega will strengthen your body from the inside and illuminate it from the outside. 


Simple preparation and great taste! 

Into a 200 ml glass, pour 1 sachet of the nutritional supplement, fill with water, and stir well. Drink once fully dissolved. 

Our tip 1: Pour your morning dose of collagen into your smoothie, mix it thoroughly and enjoy a healthy breakfast with a dose of rejuvenating collagen and vitamins. 

Our tip 2: For those with sensitive olfactory passages, we recommend drinking through a straw. 

One sachet equals a daily dose of 3000 mg of premium collagen. This provides the body with the necessary nutrition and, in combination with selected vitamins, charges your body with energy so you can fully enjoy your life. 

We believe that the real luxury of the 21st century is to enjoy life with a smile on your lips and in perfect health. That's why we bring 


Výživový doplnok obsahuje hydrolyzované kolagénové peptidy z rýb, vápnik (vápenatá soľ kyseliny citrónovej), horčík (horečnatá soľ kyseliny citrónovej), vitamín C (extrakt z plodov malqígie holej - Acerola), farbivo: koncentrát čiernej mrkvy, prírodná aróma: malina, regulátor kyslosti: kyselina jablčna, sladidlo: glykozidy steviolu, vitamín K2 (menachinón), vitamín D (cholecalciferol), vitamín B1 (tiamínmononitrát), vitamín B2 (riboflavín), jód (jodid draselný), kyselina listová (kyselina pteroylmonoglutámová). 

Active substances

Ammount of active substances in one dose*NRV
Bioaktívne hydrolyzované kolagénové peptidy z rýb
Vitamín C (Acerola)
Vitamín B1
Vitamín B2
Kyselina listová
Vitamín K2
Vitamín D
*NRV - daily reference value of an adult's income*** - not specified

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